About Me

My name is Signe (pronounced Seena), I live in Cairns, Australia.

Most of my awake hours, I am caught in an academic performance. This blog is my creative outlet, the unprofessional private me, my space to rant about matters relevant or irrelevant. I have no sponsors, no adds and I doubt I will ever review a product for anyone. I aim to post often, but sometimes life will get in the way. I refuse to feel guilty about that.

Most of my days are spent at James Cook University where I am a PhD student. I’m a criminologist and am fascinated by justice, what it means, for who, when, where and why. It is nerdy head spin, not cool DNA CSI abbreviated funk. I will have something to say about academia, criminology, justice and so on from time to time.

Of importance I can say that I am originally from Denmark (Scandinavia, not WA). This means I’m writing in my what is not my mother tounge. I have said what I have to say about that here. Secondly, I’m married to an Italian chef. Food is important. Otherwise I have listed 100 random facts about me here.

This blog will be completely honest about me, my life and my opinions and I will be easy to identify. If I say something you don’t like, please don’t come to my house and shoot me. We have security at work.


6 thoughts on “About Me

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    • uuuuuuhhh that is such a challenge. WOW! I probably will take a month or two to make up my mind, but I will be inviting to dinner in my virtual world, no doubt.
      One the subject, I would like to extend the virtual dinner wish at our house. If you are ever in Cairns, you are always welcome to come for dinner. Actually, I get slightly over-excited just by the thought. I promise to make sure Mr Husband cooks something marvellous.

      • Oh good – Italian, my favourite, actually! Don’t be too sure I won’t turn up one day – you probably missed that I’ve decided it’s time to go back to Oz, and after 18 months of asking myself “where?”, decided to return to the Sunshine Coast, where I’d been for ten years looking after Mum and Dad before they died. 2014 – I’ll probably be needing a holiday … 🙂

      • Fantastic!! And yes, I did miss that you are moving back – living in my own little self-absorbed bubble for the past couple of months. I need to start catching up!
        That is exciting! When we lived in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast was our escape and relief from the city. As much as we disliked Brisbane, we loved the Sunshine Coast. It restored our health and sanity over and over again…
        I mean it when I say that I would love to have you come visit. It would be an absolute honour and delight to entertain someone who entertains me so often in writing!

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