Lazy! Pure and simple!

I have been lazy. Pure and simple. I have a list of things I could have written about on the blog, but I haven’t. Instead I watched the final of Australian X factor, Inspector Wallander on SBS, followed the third season of The Killing (Forbrydelsen in Danish) on the online Danish TV and on it goes.

Every time I could have sat down to write a blog post, I picked up the remote instead and just disappeared into oblivion. I have decided that I will try to do better, try to pick the blog up again, because I really enjoy writing it. And the posts are being written, but in my head only and then they disappear into the thin air. I wonder if other bloggers go through the same? It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

PS If you haven’t seen The Killing season I and II you are one lucky person. Go get them and have a blast! I don’t think Season III is out on DVD yet.


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