Trying to focus

I’ve learnt that I need to start my paragraphs by summarising the content, so forgive me for stating the obvious: I’m not writing much on the blog at the moment. I look at all my earlier posts and I simply don’t know how I found the time to do them. Between bleaching uniforms for a hard-working Mr Husband (think Italian, think tomato), my own work and all the other little things, life just passes by.

I suppose it is also a mind-set, not only to create good posts for the blog, but also to remember them and then write them down. Right now, the only thing I can think of that happened to me in the last few days is that I was electrocuted by a lemon in Woolies. It really surprised me. I expect static electricity in a lot of places, but not the vegetable section of a supermarket.

But tonight is movie-night and so I am excited and want to share the buzz. We are having Funny Movies From England night, because we in need of a laugh. Writing a PhD is serious business and we often find ourselves in a bit of a gloom. I am serving tacos which has no relation to England what-so-ever, but it means I don’t have to cook, just put out a large amount of bowls with colourful items. We are watching “Saving Grace” and “Four Lions” and I know it is going to be fun. I also know that there are plenty of English movies that are probably a lot more fun that those, but Saving Grace still contains my favourite funny movie scene ever: the store scene. Till next time, have a laugh on me:


2 thoughts on “Trying to focus

    • Thank you for stopping by! Oh you are in for a treat! Go find Four Lions as well if you haven’t seen it. It is funny, funny, funny!

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