German movie night

What can I say: it was awesome!

True to the theme, the Germans arrived with two types of potato salad, knackwurst and hot mustard. I had made a salad and baked some bread and the rest of the group flooded the house with red wine, snacks, cake and icecream. We were as set for movies as anyone could be. We had a list of seven movies, which was expanded to eight after my last post. Tina suggested we see Run, Lola Run (we didn’t see it, but I will definitely have to – thank you for the input – keep them coming). The other seven movies on the list were

Das Leben Der Anderen (2006, The Lives of Others)
Das weiße Band (2009; The White Ribbon)
Die Fälscher (2007; The Counterfeiters)
Das Boot (1981)
Jenseits Der Stille (1996; Beyond Silence)
Der Untergang (2004; Downfall)
Goodbye Lenin! (2003)

This is in no way an exhausted list of great German movies, but it is a start. Hopefully it is also an inspiration to anyone wondering what movies German directors have put on the map. We opted for the last two. Both depict important turning points in German history (the end of WWII and when the wall in Berlin came down); the first is a serious drama, the second a comedy of grand proportions.

I really liked both. Der Untergang is rather heavy as it depicts the last days of war in a very realistic fashion. It shows the desperation of the losing side and the actions this leads to. There is no glory, no forgiveness. What makes it so scary in my mind is that, deep down, we know that this is not just about the Germans. This is the story that we do not hear from any war… the horrible tale of the losing side.

I had seen Goodbye Lenin! before and I remembered it quite well. At least I thought I did. Because despite remembering a large proportion of the details, they came together as a completely different story the second time, which led to a very different perception of the ending than the first time I saw it. That was SO weird. Now I’m not entirely sure what the movie is about – though it is still a really really good movie and you should see it if you haven’t already.

I don’t know what will be on the next program for movie night. A few suggestions have been up in the air, mostly related to the nationalities of the movie club members. Egyptian movie night, Brazilian movie night, Peruvian movie night…. let us know if you have any suggestions – themes, movies, the likes!


4 thoughts on “German movie night

  1. Stop posting! I feel almost sick to my stomach in pure envy (pardon my english). I wanna join you!

    Now I really have to watch Goodbye Lenin again very soon. Funny that you saw it as a different movie the second time. I recall it as a complex, serious and also very funny movie. I have some great finnish, japanese, french and dutch recommandations.

    • yay yay yay – the suggestion box is VERY open!
      It IS weird that Goodbye Lenin was so different the second time around. The first time I focused on the story of the mother. The second on the underlying story about values, capitalism vs socialism and the extremes of both – and then the story of the mother suddenly appeared different. It was also more funny than I remembered…
      Make your own movie club – I’m sure that gals in the apartment block would love you for it!

  2. Thanks for sharing that German movies list! 🙂
    Run, Lola run – watch it and let us know! I think I have seen Jenseits Der Stille, but will have to watch it again to make sure! 🙂 Also, I have to say that aside from the movie in itself, which I did like as well, Goodbye Lenin features some excellent soundtracks. Check it out, it does worth it! :0)

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