Movie Club

We have made a movie club! That is my colleagues and I.
It is a really simple club, not much organising really. We meet at my house, bring food/drinks/snacks along and watch a couple of movies together. The whole intention behind the club is that it is to be easy, cheap and just as much about the company as the movie. Most of us are non-Australians, so we are in the process of creating a social life here. Coming together to share food and a movie is great for this.

The first time we met, we decided to watch a Danish action comedy called I Kina spiser de hunde (I had a lot to do with this choice, I will admit that) and the latest movie by Almodovar – a thriller called The Skin I live In. This was a really good start as we now have a better feel for each other. It seems that no one in the group is especially sensitive – to anything really.

The second time we met was last weekend. Cairns was host to the travelling film festival and we grouped up across interests and met in smaller groups during the weekend. I did a marathon on Sunday, where I saw three movies, all which I can highly recommend. Festivals are great for this really – they have gone through a lot of trouble selecting the movies to begin with, so they are almost always entertaining.

The first movie I saw was a documentary on a 1970s singer called Searching for Sugarman. The story is unbelievable, it really is, and the music is fantastic. It was definitely worth the ticket. I don’t want to reveal the story, for two reasons: if I give you the short version the movie sounds so uninteresting it would turn you off. If I tell you the interesting part, you know the plot. BUT, definitely say yes if someone invites you.

The second movie I saw was a Chinese drama about growing old called A Simple Life
Also this was a great movie, playing on the whole spectrum of emotions. It was funny, we laughed out loud many times, reflective, intense and of course sad. My Chinese companion and I cried at the end, so much so that the tissues needed to come out of the handbag for a good noseblow.

My personal favourite was the last movie I saw. It was a Lebanese comedy drama about a group of women, who try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village. It is called Where Do We Go Now and is so funny that my face produces a massive smile, just thinking about it. This movie is not a massive block buster, which is a real shame. It should be. I encourage you to go and look for it, ask for it, drive far to see it and bring your friends. It is worth it.

Tonight we have movie club again. The two Germans in the club will be away for a while (one has fieldwork in Papua New Guinea for 9 months and the other is off for a job in Georgia) so we have decided to do a German movie night. We have listed seven amazing German movies for selection and will decide on the final two tonight. I’m excited. I will let you know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Movie Club

    • Some of the movies are in the library, some are available online (you can rent or buy from itunes) and some I have on dvd already. Between the people in the group we have a great selection as we are all from different countries. I am especially looking forward to seeing a film from Peru. That will be a first for me!

  1. What a great idea. If you need german movie inspiration, check out the director Tom Tykwer. Especially “Run Lola, Run”.

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