Italian romance

The first gift Mr Husband ever gave me was a pendant made of gold. It was in the shape of a leaf, which had little flowers engraved on it. It was such a beautiful gift and he almost destroyed it by saying something vomiting (as a pragmatic Scandinavian girl, I found the Italian romance quite a test). But he was sincere, had put a lot of thought into the pendant and spent days mounting the courage to present it. It had to do with the tree of life from the Nordic mythology (Yggdrasil), that I represented this tree of life for him when I walked into his life and he wanted to be a leaf on this tree. Oh yes.

I wore that pendant all the time. I loved it. For our wedding, I had the flowers engraved on the pendant, embroidered into the top part of the wedding gown and along the hem.

Then the terrible thing happened. I lost it. Three years ago I got on the bus from work in Brisbane wearing it and when I arrived home it was gone. It must have slipped off. It is the only time I can remember crying over a material thing. I was heartbroken. I called the bus-line at least 5 times, went to their lost and found at the library 3 times and walked the streets home with miniature steps a 100 more to search the road for my lost leaf.

Now he has done it again. Presented me with a gold leaf which he has designed. It is very different to the old one. The goldsmith still has the design he drew for the old one, but we are different now he says. There is only one flower on that leaf, because there is only one flower for him. It is still a viola, a flower that has heart-shaped leaves and I quote: “violets are often seen as representative of marriage. In wedding bouquets they represent a promise and faithfulness. In dreams they are said to represent marriage or commitment“.

BEAT THAT FOR ROMANCE!!! I am totally swept off my feet. Which is probably a good thing as the first thing he did after returning home was the ritual marking of territory: a random drop of undies in the hallway.


2 thoughts on “Italian romance

  1. Undies in the hallway?
    Where did he shed the outer clothing? On the front porch?
    Holy smokes!

    The leaf is beautiful. Such a shame that you lost the other one.

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