Love is in the air

Mr Husband is on his way home. He is on an airplane heading towards Cairns. He has been away for 6 weeks, visiting family in Italy and I have missed him dreadfully. All I have wanted to do was scream “COME HOME” but I didn’t because it made me feel really guilty. I have only said it really quietly when I knew it was OK. Because it is great that he is with his family and friends – most of all his kids. He should be able to spend time with them without having me winging at the other end.

The closer he is getting to our coastline, the more I can feel the clouds rising and the fog disappearing. I am even starting to get my sense of humor back. I do not know if it is really because he is coming home or because I have done some serious inner work while he was away and am now coming out of the fog, but it seems to be coinciding.

It has been a serious long time since I last felt this energy boost. It is awesome.


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