I am reminded to keep an open mind…

I get the Koori Mail, a fortnightly national Indigenous newspaper which is 100% Aboriginal owned and 100% self funded. There are some great articles in this paper and it is one long reminder of all the good, strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people out there. Read this paper and you get a completely different view of Aboriginal Australia – I promise!

My favorite part of reading this paper is, that there will always be one story that challenges my own perceptions. Always. I know this says more about me, than about the paper, but I have a feeling that most white people would be highly surprised if they read this paper on a regular basis. For me it is a fortnightly reminder to keep a (very) open mind.

So what surprised me in this editions newspaper? An article on page 33 reporting from Western Australia’s Kimberly region, where Gordon Marshall, Aboriginal Elder from Derby County, has just become – for the seventh time – Worshipful Master of the Derby Masonic Lodge.

My favorite quote, after having blown my coffee all over the newspaper, was this: “It is not unusual for the Derby Masonic Lodge – one of 120 throughout the state – to have Aboriginal members. In fact, Mr Marshall says it would have closed some years ago without them”.

I confess from an honest heart that I did not see that coming: An Aboriginal Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge. A Mason Master. There you go!




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