Autistic Superstars

If you have some time to kill, I have the feel good youtube clips for you! Welcome to the Autistic Superstars, a UK documentary in two parts about some really special young people. They have the X-Factor like you have never seen before. Each clip is approximately one hour long, so there is plenty of entertainment to go round.

After finishing high-school, I worked in a variety of institutions for children and young people with special challenges. Some were disabled, some had had a hard start on life, some both. I even finished a degree as a Social Educator.* In my late 20s, after 10 years in the job, I realised I that I could not do it any more. It was a really difficult decision to change career as a lot of dedication went into the job. And I have some really special memories from this time including a lot of laughs. Autistic Superstars reminded me just how special those years were, how meaningful and also how hard. There are some really special people out there and they are followed by another group of superstars: their parents and carers. I bow in the dust for their strength and dedication.

So grab your popcorn, bring out your box of tissues and invite your girlfriend over.

Autistic Superstars Part 1

Autistic Superstars Part 2

*In Danish it is called Socialpaedagog


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