Sausage sizzle

I come to university, the international students are meeting, there is a barbecue. Just look for the balloons.

The postgraduate students are meeting Friday afternoon, we are having a barbecue!

The archery club is hosting a competition. We are having not one, but two barbecues. Bring a plate.

The phone rings: “hey, Steve and his wife are coming down for the weekend, we are having a barbecue, wanna come?”

I’ve been back in Australia for two weeks now. Maybe I should have celebrated, rolled out the barbie and chucked on a sausage or two. But honestly, sometimes this obsession with the sizzling sausage is overwhelming.


2 thoughts on “Sausage sizzle

  1. Aaah, the every ready sausage sizzle. Have you ever tried making your own sausage and onion with sauce in bread at home? It just isn’t the same.

    • I’ve never really gotten the hang of the sausages… don’t really like them (and I almost wrote “yet” because I predict I have to get used to them one day, to be a true Australian).

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