Back again and on the road

So I knocked myself out completely and am still feeling the side effects a little bit. I promise that this will be the last time I will use the word ‘exhausted’ (at least for a long while), but I do get tired from doing hardly anything at the moment. Luckily for me, I (finally) have the opportunity to do as little or as much as I please.

The last couple of weeks have been really nice. Most have been spent resting and I have plowed through no less than 9 novels. I have been stunned by all the amazing literature available at my family and friends houses – books I have never heard of by writers I may or may not have heard of IN DANISH! It has been a thrill to get acquainted.

Most days outside, I have spent with old friends, hanging out and chatting. It has been so nice. I know some great people in this country, truly outstanding and amazing individuals. I have caught myself thinking “I am so lucky to know you” more than once.

And they spoil me, comfort me, listen to my stories and share theirs. And serve cake. We are a nation of “taking the opportunity to have cake” which will show on my waistline on return (I don’t care one bit). How can you not love a person who says “come for tea tomorrow morning” and serve you this:


At this very moment I am sitting on a train taking me to the south west of Denmark (Sønderjylland), the unbeatable cake region of the country. They have a thing called “Sønderjysk kaffebord” which includes somewhere around 20 to 30 cakes. I googled this picture for you:


My best friend from school has moved there as she married a dairy farmer (organic) from the region. I am truly hoping they will stick to one cake at a time – I’m not a great fan of eating cake for 5 hours until I explode. Instead I hope the sun will come out and we can sit in their lovely garden, chit-chatting the days away. We were born on the same day, have known each other for most of our lives  and sat next to each other for most of our 12 years at school together. There is a lot of catching up to do in the next week. Especially in me getting to know her two girls, who only remember me vaguely. It will most likely be an irregular blogging period ahead. Think of me in a summer garden eating cake instead.

2 thoughts on “Back again and on the road

  1. Oh, that good old “sønderjyske kaffebord”!
    Friday the kitchenstaff at work decided that since they were never invited to that famous treat, they would make it for everyone at the school.
    You start with a bun, and then have to travel through the 6 hard ones (mostly cookies), the 6 soft ones (6 large different pies with whipped cream and then more cream) to finally end with a bisquit with merinque on top called a “nothing”; Because “there is allways room for nothing”..
    Then for the rest of the day, enjoy your “halsbrand” (heartburn?) and several Samarin.

    Hope you survived
    🙂 Tina

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