My farther’s enemy

This is my father

This is his enemy

It’s a marten and it moved in underneath the roof a couple of months ago. At that stage it was the cutest thing ever and we naaarwww’ed and weeee’ed our hearts out (look at those cute round ears – how can you not love that little creature?). Then it brought along a wife and they had three little ones.

It’s not that they do any damage.  Not at all. It’s the noise.

The Marten family wake up at 10pm and then they party. For hours. And hours. And hours. There is no sleeping while the Marten family run their hoopla, so now they are up for eviction. They did try to charm themselves out of the removal by sitting in the gutters and looking through the windows. Kids included.

Cuteness overload – unless you haven’t slept and they were the reason.

According to a website my dad consulted, the Weapons of Marten Eviction are the following: light, stink bombs and loud music. He has installed the light, the stink bombs and has set a radio with a timer. He is bombarding the little creatures with his most hated music: 1 hit wonders.

Is he winning?

We think so. Last night was total silence.


**pictures 2 and 4 are courtesy of the internet…

2 thoughts on “My farther’s enemy

    • It is such a shame they have to run a rumble while awake. They are so sweet… and amazingly they don’t chew on anything or scratch things to pieces. They are just so awfully active!

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