home sweet home

In the last post I had medicated my cold/flu with propolis and other good hippie remedies I fully trust. Not good enough, so now I’m on antibiotics and a list of medication with names containing thousands of x’s and z’s. Pis altså os – as we say in Denmark. The carbon footprint this cold has set in paper tissues, could have heated a Siberian village for a week!

On the upside I have moved my behind to my parents’ house. Now how good is that!! I had forgotten how good it is to be sick at your parents’ house. Spoilt rotten she is, the little Dane! Meals served, no need to do dishes, chauffeur to the doctors, tea served sitting in the sofa. Dad keeps asking: “what would you like for dinner?” Today the choices were between Icelandic lamb roast, fish cakes or teal (small duck).

I’m having the hardest time understanding the 14-year-old me who was soooo ready to move away from home. WHAT was I thinking?


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