Reporting from down under

Hi there
This report comes from deep down underneath the doona.
My good friends Propolis, Panadol, Kleenex and Dr Hauschka* salute you too. We are bonding at the moment. Real close. It’s intimate. When the bugs and bacteria have left my corpus, I’ll return with reports from I-have-no-idea-what-is-happening-to-the-weather Copenhagen.
For now I will just say: WHAT were the Australian soccer players doing in those ugly uniforms this afternoon? No wonder they lost against Denmark! Even I could not muster some sort of recognition.
This is where we agree that if this is the current level of reporting, I should just keep sleeping and return when I feel better.
I’ll see you then!

*herbal tea for those who don’t know


2 thoughts on “Reporting from down under

  1. My favourite herbal teas for when I’m feeling a bit blah (I don’t get colds or flu) is fresh squeezed lemon juice with fresh grated ginger with honey, or applecider vinegar with honey. If there’s a lot of colds and flu about I’ll add a half teaspoon of crushed garlic.

    • MMmmmm – the first part sounds really good. I’m not so keen on the applecider vinegar… but maybe I should try it.
      I hardly ever get sick in Australia, but in Denmark I’m allergic to the pollen in spring, which leads to sinusitis and this time to endless other things. It is such a stress on the body, all this reacting…

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