Greenland is Lutheran Protestant, following the Danish church, though the church of Greenland is a separate entity. This means we follow the same church calendar and rituals. Today is confirmation day in Qaqortoq. The young 13-year-olds are confirming their faith in the church, though for many this is more out of tradition than a religious choice.

For celebrations, the Greenlanders dress up in the national costume and today all of Qaqortoq is full of beautiful people. It is a spectacular sight. I don’t like snapping photos of people, as if they are a tourist attraction, but I did take a few pictures in the church (while everyone else was snapping away).

This is the young confirmands waiting

The church packed to the last seat,

I like traditions like these and I really enjoyed being part of this celebration. It is always nice to be surrounded by happy and proud family members. Even if I didn’t understand a word of what was going on.

By the way: have I told you that Denmark has a state religion? that it is written into our constitution that we are protestant. The highest entity of the Danish church is the politically elected Minister of Churches. I honestly think this is bizarre in a modern democracy, but then again, we are a constituted monarchy as well. The Queen still has to approve/sign all legislation and this includes legislation made in Greenland. Go figure. Denmark may appear progressive, but on paper it is somewhat lacking.

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