Good food and friendship

On my very first day in Qaqortoq I ran into Poul. Poul instantly invited me to come visit and I had to explain that my first few days would be a running event between criminal justice institutions. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were free though. Poul lit up and said: “come to my house Saturday afternoon” – and that was a deal. I ran into Poul both Thursday and Friday and we confirmed Saturday afternoon.

Not knowing what “afternoon” is in Greenland, I rocked up a little after 2pm. I was the first to arrive and was instantly given a potato peeler and for the next two hours Poul and I (mostly Poul) cooked amazing Greenlandic food together.  Whale, reindeer and different birds were the main meats. We made stew, soup and steaks. The starter was “cold cuts” of narwhale skin and fat, fish and dried whale meat. This was eaten outside as the weather was quite nice. Then we stepped inside for soup, stew and steaks. For desert we had blueberries shaken with sugar and stirred with whipped cream.

Lordy Lordy Lord, it was a feast. I have said before that I will eat almost anything, but this is something where I would come back for more. It was so yummy. And I feel so special that I got to spend these hours together with Poul, laughing in his kitchen, cooking together. I had such a good time and it is definitely one of the highlights of my journey here. Like anywhere else in the world, there is nothing better than good food and friends.

3 thoughts on “Good food and friendship

    • To be honest, I don’t know! People generally have lunch at noon and dinner around 5.30pm, so afternoon must be 2-4pm. In hindsight I think Poul set it up so I could see how the food was cooked and have a go myself. Everyone else arrived between 4.30 and 5.30pm which would be considered dinner.

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