Watching airplanes

The airport in Nuuk empties as the plane for Kangerlussuaq leaves. In steps the local nursery, seven children all under two years old and three adults. The excursion of the day: watching airplanes. I have rarely seen anything be such a success. Theaters would kill for an audience like that. When the baggage-trolley left the plane, the excitement was endless, all children interacting with their version of a backing beep and woo-u-woo-u of the flashing light.

The main language spoken here is inuit, so I have limited understanding of what was going on, but “There is a man in yellowwwww” – “look he is running” – “the plane is moving” and “buy-buy airplane” were definitely on the list. Together with endless “uuuuhhhh” and “aaaaaiiiiiii”.

They were all wearing so much winter clothes that their arms stuck out straight from their bodies, it is cold in Nuuk today, the wind blowing like crazy; it is snowing sideways.  The children were absolute cuteness overload. It has been the highlight of my day. Waiting in airports can otherwise be pretty boring.


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