Getting organised for Qaqortoq

Yesterday I wrote about how I didn’t manage to do what I would have liked while in Nuuk. In Qaqortoq I only have two days to meet up with 4 criminal justice institutions and I had a little panic this morning about how to make it. Before leaving Australia, I thought most people would reject being interviewed; I’ve already told you how this is so not the case. So I called them to make a program, see what could be done.

I always ask people when it is convenient for them. They are the ones taking time out for me, work time, so I don’t want to dictate time and place. With only two days, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

And will you believe it. Given the choice, one by one the answer was: “Thursday morning is best for us” – “Thursday afternoon is the only option really” – “Friday morning we are free” and “Friday afternoon is really good for us”. I cannot believe it. I must have come across as the most accommodating person on earth. All I said was “excellent” – “that’s great” – “thank you” – “I look forward to meeting you”.

I know it sounds silly, but there is something special going on in this place. There really is.

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