Last night I went to the movies. There is a new movie out, Inuk, about the struggles to find identity in today’s Greenland. The movie has won tons of awards on international film festivals around the world and had world premier to the public here in Nuuk last week.

The movie touches something universal about identity, fear and loss of self. The name, Inuk, is singular for the word Inuit, which mean people or humans. It is also the name of the main character.

I had so many reflections on the movie afterwards that I couldn’t sleep. It was such a powerful experience. Apart from being a well told story, the cinematography was amazing. It adds to the experience that I am here, that I currently walk around in the scenery. The initial part of the movie is filmed in what looks like Nuuk and it was so much fun to sit in the local cinema and hear the reactions from people. There was a lot of giggling and chit-chat the first half hour. When the movie finished, the audience broke into spontaneous applause. I understand why. I would go see it, if I was you.


5 thoughts on “Inuk

    • You should! you may need to let the local know that they should show it… not sure this will be a huge blockbuster.

  1. I’m sure it was amazing to be watching ithe film right there, with the people of the place. The whole experience must be amazing. It might be a bit difficult to persuade Majestic Cinemas that Inuk could go head to head with a Bollywood blockbuster here, though, Signe!

    • I am pretty sure you are right about this. Maybe an arty cinema at a museum or a filmclub could be persuaded. It may have to be a video rental – though the cinematography calls for the big screen. It is so so so beautiful. Most likely it is one of those things, where you have another movie which is wonderful, that we never get to see and we should just be happy for the treasures we get 🙂

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