Update on chocolate

I have been without internet for a couple of days so you are getting several posts at once. It has been a real test for me, not having internet. I’m sure I would do fine if I was on holiday, but I now realize how dependent I am on virtual access to complete my work.

Since I’m back online and able to read my emails in peace, I thought I’d give you an update on the chocolate situation, I involved you in before Easter.The major chocolate companies Ferrero and Lindt were refusing to make a public commitment to eradicating child labour in their supply chains. They hadn’t budged despite years of pressure — in fact, they were the only two global chocolate brands who were yet to publicly act on the issue.

There was a petition to sign on the issue, which I encouraged you to have a look at. In less than four days the petition grew to 110,000 signatures around the world. Within weeks, both Lindt and Ferrero had committed to 100% audited cocoa supply chains by 2020, ensuring an unprecedented commitment to wiping out child labour in the production of their chocolate. That is independent and credible third-part verification of the sourcing of all the cocoa used by both companies by 2020.

I don’t particularly understand why it has to take another 8 years to get the verification, but I’m really pleased that the two companies are committed to the cause. It also makes me feel good that I signed the petition. In the sea of signatures, mine wasn’t the one that made a difference, but if I hadn’t signed, I wouldn’t have been part of the victory either.

So there. I’ll keep eating chocolate!


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