I have to return

Something magic is happening here in Ilulissat and I don’t know what it is. Let me start with the light. To say that there is midnight sun in Ilulissat at the moment would be a lie; the sun goes down. Having said that, it is not that there is darkness through the night either. This is what it looks like during the day:

And this is what it looks like at 2am.

Why did I take pictures at 2am? Because once you are awake it is really hard to fall asleep again… because of the light!

In an hour I will be on the boat which is going to take me to Aasiaat. I’m in no way ready to leave Ilulissat. I have this feeling that I could stay here for a long, long time. The place does something to me, which I’m not entirely used to. I get overwhelmed by it. I stood alone on the top of a hill today, looking at massive icebergs flowing by and suddenly felt tears roll down my cheeks. It’s the third time this has happened while I’ve been here. It is not sadness, not in any way. It has to do with just being.

Which sounds slightly worrying even in my ears, so I’ll leave it at that. But I am leaving Ilulissat with an intense desire to return. I have to.


2 thoughts on “I have to return

    • Det er helt sindssygt! Jeg har aldrig haft det sådan med et sted før – og da slet ikke efter kun fire dage. Det sætter sig helt ind i sjælen!

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