Arrival Kangerlussuaq

I have arrived in Greenland. Wow. I was very cloudy on our flight in today and we rode above the clouds in a sea of sun shine. Once the plane began to land and we leapt beneath the clouds, magic appeared. We glided in between dark rock formations on each side, delicately decorated by white stripes of snow and little lakes of ice. The colours of the frozen lakes was amazing; some looked like opals. Below us were lava formations in a light green colour and it was not until the last second that they disappeared and turned into tarmac.

The colours are so different. The light so different. And of course it is foggy and of course my next plane is delayed. But I don’t care. I’m having coffee with Grandma and Grandpa Inuit in the cafeteria. We cannot understand a word each other say, but we smile at each other every 5 minutes or so. I feel so welcome.

Oh, and the ticket is all wrong. The number for the plane, the destination and the hour do not match. But it doesn’t matter. I have a seat on the next available flight to Iluissat: “don’t worry about the details, worry about the fog.” I’ll just have coffee.


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