Dancing at the airport

I’m at the airport. In one hour the airplane will take me into the sky and put me down on the inland ice. When I think about it, my stomach does a little dance for me. I am so excited. My excitement was further spurred by an email I received this morning from Australia. I am now able to introduce ideas for more research projects than the one I’m working on. We have money. We can do things. Something meaningful. And I am now able to give something back; I’m not just taking their knowledge and using it to my own advantage (I never would do that, but there is always this risk with research). I am able to introduce collaboration, their involvement. My hands are stuck above my head.

I did a little dance at the airport lounge when I received the message. An elderly man thought it was because I finally had access to free wi-fi. I suppose this was not entirely untrue, though it had more to do with the messages I could get through the free wi-fi. I told him that sometimes you just get those messages that make you dance. He smiled and said: “and when you do, you should make sure that you actually do dance.”

I agree! Turn up the volume!


3 thoughts on “Dancing at the airport

    • Thanks!
      And thanks for letting me know about the header. I have no idea what is wrong but will do my best to fix it…

  1. Congratulations on the approvals (and money). I did love the old man’s comment – yes, by golly, ya gotta dance! You’ll be on the Greenland ice this afternoon? Golly. It gets excitinger and excitinger 🙂

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