where my path began

I grew up in a small village. Some people don’t really believe me when I say this, but here it is. 600 people and a miniture grocery store.


There is a hotel and people keep their gardens nice

The main reason my parents chose this location was my dad’s work. He caught a ferry every morning to a research institute. When they named the boat, they took a daring leap and thought outside of the box. Just in case they forgot why they were there.

There are no major streets or avenues in my hometown. It is all very small and quiet. When we practiced driving to get our drivers licence we had to drive 20km to exercise  stopping for a red light. We had to drive 50km to practice driving through a roundabout (it was completed as a class excursion). Now-a-days the village hosts one roundabout. Modern times!
Many of the houses were built for the fishermen. They are small and quite cute.

The house I grew up is on the front row facing the water.

Much can be said about growing up in a small remote community, especially when you are a teenager but no one can complain about the view.



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