…and the war ended

On the 5 May 1945 the second world war officially ended for Denmark. The realisation formed the evening before. People lifted the dark curtains, which had isolated them in their livingroom, preventing their houses from being bombed, and lit candles in the windows. The light became a celebration of the peace restored.

Tonight we put candles in our window, to remember and celebrate the end of the war. To celebrate peace. It is one of my favourite traditions.


7 thoughts on “…and the war ended

    • It is so beautiful. When looking down the road you see little flickering light in all the windows.

      • I can imagine how beautiful it must be, particularly in small towns and villages where everything’s not lit up like daylight. (In the isolated villages here, everybody lights oil lamps for Wesak – the full moon denoting the Buddha’s enlightenment and death – and it is magical, with little lights twinkling through the darkness). It seems you’re home for so many wonderful things – I’m so glad for you Signe:)

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