Header: Danish Spring 2012

Someone can read my mind. That someone is Tina Beth who is a genius with a computer. She has created an appropriate header representing my current state of mind. I have been drinking so much coffee these days I am supporting three families in Columbia on a daily basis.

I love the new green. It reminds me of the teacup I put on the blog in my first attempt to build the blog. But this green is nicer. Don’t you think?
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have talented and supportive friends like this. Woo hoo!


3 thoughts on “Header: Danish Spring 2012

  1. What could be more beautiful than a celadon green cup and saucer, except perhaps some ancient Chinese pottery? While it does look a little more suited for tea, the way you’re apparently getting though the coffee, it won’t have time to cool down too much. What an elegant setting. Very Danish/Modern, I suppose?

    • I think it is. I am preparing a post about how we live indoor – I had forgotten how much detail is put into everything. I keep getting surprised at how well thought through everything is and oh so Danish in the design. It will have to wait until I return from Greenland, but I have some great pictures already.

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