Experience overload

I have a list of posts ready in my head. There are so many things to share. I HAVE to tell you about the Inuits who demonstrated in Copenhagen for 1 May and I HAVE to show you my parents house. And the forest which is neon green as spring is at its finest. And the little lambs jumping around the fields. But there is too much going on and my computer cannot get onto the internet. I am not entirely sure my dad would like me to fill his computer with pictures for my blog.

Today at 2pm I have my first interview for my project. I am nervous and excited and will do another preparation run before going. I am interviewing an elderly Inuit lady who was forcefully removed from her family when she was a child. She is part of our Stolen Generation. A Stolen Generation no one talks about. I have brought a book with me from Australia with pictures and stories from Aboriginal people who were taken away, to give to her. I hope she will like it. It is an amazing book; if you are interested in this part of Australian history it is definitely worth a read. It’s by Anna Haebich and called “Many Voices”.

If I am not completely exhausted by the time I return home, I will let you know how it went. Now it’s time for breakfast. We are having rundstykker – special breakfast breadrolls. Yum.


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