Rolling into the night

With all the eating I’ve been doing since arriving, you would think that I am at risk of returning to Australia with additional polster. But guess what? I have been brave. Day two and I have already ventured into the world on the Danes most favorite mode of transport, the iron horse. Look at this black beauty trusted upon me. Flowers and all.

Yesterday I rode across town to have dinner at my brother’s house. And I rode back too, without creating any accidents. It is an absolute miracle. I had prepared a sign to put on my back, which read “Australian mate, new in traffic, have patience” but I don’t think I will need it.

To put some proportion into this, last time I was here (three years ago) I never made it into traffic in/on a vehicle on my own. Neither car or bike. It was WAY too scary and thus bus and train all the way. This time, I’m out there on day two. With a jetlagged head, sporting total confusion. If you need to be reminded of the miracle proportion of this, go back and watch this video.

And it was AWESOME! The freedom. The control of speed and movement. No wonder I missed it the first many years away.

One thing I would like to show you from yesterday is two Danish icons, which just happen to be the next door neighbour to my brother. The Royal Copenhagen factory, which now also houses Georg Jensen. I had forgotten how beautiful these buildings are.

The last picture is just a look down the road, around the corner. Look at how different the light is. It’s the light at 7pm, when the sun doesn’t set before 9.30pm. I had forgotten how wonderful it is, when the day doesn’t end till late. There is so much time to see it all. Roll into the world on a bike and do it all. That ‘s what I will be doing.


2 thoughts on “Rolling into the night

  1. Oh yes, the light is different.
    I love the way it makes my lawn illuminate my garden in light green when the sun is low shining though the leaves.
    The first thing I noticed leaving CPH airport by train was all the brick houses and the lack of adds yelling to my face from every available surface. We have too many adds in DK, but noway near as much as we had in Melbourne. My brain loves the “quiet” streets.

  2. The bike is beautiful, I’m proud that you were able to ride safely to and from…..I wobble along in such a “fraidy cat” style, I’m tempted to put a warning flag and L plates on mine. The potatoes and white sauce from a previous post make me want to cook them, like my mother used to.

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