The sun is shining

I am in Copenhagen, which is so weird to write.

I intended to write a post about how horrible it is to travel for 36 hours. I even took notes on the way in a little notebook. But it really was quite uneventful and I’m remarkably fine. The only slight drama was at the journeys beginning, in Cairns airport, where I was met by the most sour man at the Virgin Blue counter. When these things happen to me, I cook up a scenario in my mind, where I imagine that something really terrible happened to the person, which makes them unable to respond in a curteous way to people. Maybe he was fired, but has to finish his shift? Maybe his colleague ditched his roster and now he cannot go to see Depeche Mode live in London? Or his partner broke up with him?

I really hope for him that something on his mind clouded his ‘good-service’ gene, because he takes the price for the worst service I have received in years. Chicken ass mouth and a ‘your bag weighs WAY too much, it is now categorised as inadequately packed, I need you to sign here. You are signing away all of our responsibility for your things’ – tart face, indicating it was a personal insult, which he really could have done without. I weighed my bag 3 times before leaving the house, the scales said 23.1 kg (which is a lot, I agree, but we could bring 30kg in one bag according to the instructions from Emirate air). He then smacked a sticker on the bag which said 26 kg. My puzzled face got no sympathy. Then I was instructed, like a naughty child in a playground, on how to change plane in Brisbane, how I had to let everyone know that I had packed 26kg and that he really was not responsible for my bag. He had me convinced that it was going straight to the dump. You could see the surprise on my face when it appeared in Copenhagen, I’m sure.

After the encounter with this man-in-a-life-crisis, I was sure I was in for something bad. But that was it. I got to check-in at the counter with the super-smiling lady at Emirates, I got discount on my coffee in the airport just because she felt like it, I met lovely people on the plane, all transfers were easy, all planes arrived early, I came through customs easy and was picked up by my mom, dad and brother, which was just so good.

Now I’m at my friend Katie’s house, where I’m staying while I’m here. She received us with Danish lunch on the table and a classic Danish dish for dinner (more to come later). We went for a long walk through places I know like the back of my hand, to keep me awake. It gave me such comfort to walk through those streets. Like I was here yesterday. I went to bed at 9pm and slept through the night. I woke at 7.30 this morning like a normal person. Not feeling the jetlag.

I could not have asked for a better passage across the ocean. This trip has started well. And I have this gut feeling that it will continue this way. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.




2 thoughts on “The sun is shining

  1. Please tell me you have a camera with you, I’m sure there’s more than just me who’d love to see photos of Copenhagen. Have a lovely holiday.

    • Absolutely! Right now I have jetlag and find it hard to cross the road, but as soon as I’m a bit more functional I will get started on the photos.
      PS I will be working most of my time here – but who cares 😉

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