Lesson learned!

So what did I do with the extra 24 hours given to me because I cannot read an itinerary?

Short answer: I did all the things I should have taken time to do, had I given it more serious thought. Mr Husband and I both woke at 7am, but stayed in bed till noon, just talking. After breakfast we went for a long walk on the beach, went to Palm Cove to check the fish (important stuff!) and I kissed him before he headed to work. Now I can sit quietly and enjoy my evening and re-pack my bags if I want to. I can also just leave them (of course I can’t, who do you think I am?).

This has been the best day I have had for months. Calm and connected, back on the ground. I’m ready to go now. And really looking forward to it!

And honestly? Everyone should do this; take the last day off before travelling far away for a long time. Pack everything so it is ready 24 hours before and then: just be.  I think I just learned an important lesson. I do not intend to forget it.


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