Saturday song

I’m going to break the rule today. The Saturday song is neither from Australia or Denmark. But it is from my heart, so that must be the destination of today.

A great man died this week, much greater than I think my generation (and those younger than me) understand and appreciate. Levon Helm, the drummer from The Band, passed away 71 years old. When I read the news that he was in his final hours, I was saddened and it got me thinking about those that came before me and my generation. And what they did for us.

I was a teenager in the 80s. Everything was rejected and it was all about money. I have been fed the argument that each generation needs to reject what came before them to create their own, but I often think the 80s did more damage than was right. Because it didn’t just reject. It ridiculed and shamed, mocked and destroyed. Everything. The women’s movement. The peace movement. The solidarity. It was all about ‘me’.

Our household had different values and as a teenager that wasn’t always easy. It was not cool to care. Especially not with the passion we have a tendency to put into things in our family. In one corner of my teenage life, I was lucky to find friends with as much passion as me. Passion for music. I clearly remember dancing to this song on a warm summers night in someones parents summerhouse.This is my way of saying how truly grateful I am, for what came before me.



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