Exhibitionist in the making!

Before walking into the court room yesterday, Berlusconi said ‘those women were just having a bit of a burlesque competition – you know, all women are exhibitionist’.

This from a man who was a show boat singer?

That really is Berlusconi in the picture

Maybe because it is so grotesque, it has sparked a bit of humor in our household. I have to admit I had a quick look at my Saturday morning attire and thought ‘not much of an exhibition here’ but Mr Husband is now on the look-out. I just performed the very womanly motion of wiping the sweat from underneath my boobs with my t-shirt and Mr Husband instantly said ‘ooohh exhibitionist’. I have a feeling it will become a classic household remark.



2 thoughts on “Exhibitionist in the making!

  1. Last summer I discovered the Rexona Clinical Protection antiperspirant deodorant, it’s very effective and goes on dry, so one very hot day after swiping my underarms, I also swiped under the boobs and down the cleavage. and stayed dry ALL DAY! Not necessary through the winter, but I’ve done it again this summer, because I like to be comfortable and for me that means dry.

    • That is so smart! I sweat like no other person I know and always joke that I look like the chronic substitute teacher. The few times I’ve mentioned it to a doctor they just say it’s healthy to sweat, but I still think it is annoying.
      Why I never thought to use the deodorant in other places than under my arms I don’t know. The suggestion is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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