Travel insurance

There is 4 days till I leave. The stress and panic from the past month has slowly turned into efficient time management, crossing out dot point after dot point on the ‘to do’ list. I still have a myriad of things to do, but it looks like I’ve covered most bases. I’m letting go of the stress and beginning to enjoy the moment.

This was symbolised nicely today with a visit from a little friend on my way to work. When we were children, my mother always had us catching ladybirds for the roses (they were to eat the lice). She taught us to keep one ladybird on our hand and while we sent it into the air, we should whisper to it to fly into the sky and ask for good weather. This morning, the funky cousin of the ladybird landed on my hand. I admired him for a while and when we were ready, I whispered to him that he should fly into the sky and ask for safe travels.

I’m not going to think about, what the many people in the cars driving by were thinking about the weird girl staring at her hand, taking pictures of it. I’m going to trust that my travel insurance is now covered.


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