OH MY BLOODY FUCKING GOD! I almost got robbed! I can’t believe it! Or I can, being a criminologist and all. But still!

I was walking home from work, nice and casual, music in my ears. In front of our gated community was a car with two women in it. One of them gets out just ahead of me, she is a young, blond, overweight girl with short curly hair. She is carrying a set of yellow gloves for cleaning in one hand and a funny bag in the other. I take notice, thinking she is here to clean for someone. I look into the car at the other passenger as I walk by. She quickly turns her head and looks away. I’m thinking it is the mother, dropping her kid off at her spare job. She has dark, longish hair and looks older. I have a weird feeling about them. It has to do with the their vibe, there is something negative about them. I’m thinking they have been fighting. It also has to do with the car not leaving. But I’m still not tuned into this being wrong.

We have two gates going into the complex and as I open the one to the right, the blond girl comes over saying: “I can’t get the other gate to open, always happens when you really have to pee.” I laugh and say: “I know that feeling.” I let her in.

Inside the gate, she walks behind me, really slowly. I’m suddenly alert. Why is she walking slowly if she has to pee? Why is she walking behind me? I walk up the stairs to our apartment, she is 5 meters behind me, still walking slowly. Our stairs only lead to four apartments. I know what my neighbours look like. Who is she? I open our front door and close it as quickly as I can. I immediately lock it. Two seconds after it is shut, the handle turns.

That was her plan. To walk in after me. God knows what she was planning to do. For a second I was really frightened, but it almost immediately turned to furious anger. I almost opened the door, wanting to shout in her face. I quickly reconsidered. Her intention was for me to leave the door open. Who knows what was in her bag?

I can still feel my pulse race.

I knew this before, but never thought I’d have it confirmed: Do NOT leave your door open, even if you are at home. And be careful who walks behind you.
What a shitty world we live in.

12 thoughts on “I ALMOST GOT ROBBED!!

    • Damn. Now I can’t trust myself. Fits my profile perfectly: blond, overweight, always running for the loo… (cause I drink too much tea)

  1. This is the scariest thing I’ve read all week. I have this mental image in my head of the door handle slowly turning after you shut the door. I would be packing it!

    • It WAS scary. It IS scary. I have been so uncomfortable all evening and can’t wait for Mr Husband to get back from work. Hopefully the restaurant is empty tonight. I will not be able to relax until he gets here. I keep thinking she is still outside the door. She twisted the door handle really fast and really hard. There was force behind it. Uuuuuhhh. I need a cup of tea!
      Thank you for commenting though.

      • In case you’re telling yourself that it’s not worth making a big deal about — it is! I would seriously recommend filing a police report. They may be targeting the area.

        It’s not nice to think about how the conversation would have gone if she had made it inside the house. Good on you for remaining alert (but not alarmed!)

    • I know what you mean, music can make you isolated from the world. But it is funny that you say it, because one of the reasons why I realise that I was aware, all the way from the car outside, is that I took the plugs out of my ear.
      But it’s a good point.

      • Oh, so you took them out when you first saw the car outside the gate? That’s terrific. Lucky you had your wits about you. In broad daylight – how scary things can turn – just like that! How’re you feeling this morning? Just what you needed, eh, as you get ready to go … 🙂

  2. Holy Cow that’s scary! I always lock my door the second I get inside, on one occasion when I thought I was being followed I went past my house into the nearby store and asked them to call me a cab, which I then rode to my ex-husbands place and got him to drive me home. Next day I saw my “follower”, a visiting family member of a neighbour two houses down. Still, better safe than sorry.

    • Absolutely better safe than sorry. I think you made the right choice – even if it seems exaggerated in retrospect.
      All evening I kept thinking ‘what if it was just the neighbour who got a new girlfriend and she picked the wrong door’
      I so wish it was.

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