This evening, at 8.30 pm, I decided to sign up for Twitter. It supposedly is the thing to do, when you have a blog. I regretted it within 10 seconds of signing up. It started with Twitter suggesting I chose Signe89617871 as a username, because that is so easy to remember.

Instead I tried CreativeSigne, taken, CreaSigne, taken, SigneCreative, taken and so was allnamestaken, forfuckssake and nousername. I settled on CreativeSigneD. Which has me crying already. It’s this thing from my past. When I was a young a spunky teenager I signed everything with SigneD. Because my last name begins with a D. Gosh, I was so clever and had such a great sense of humor… You can find me hiding in the basement.

Then I had to find five people to follow. The only person among all the suggestions from Twitter I recognised was my brother. Tick! But Twitter would not leave it at that. No no. You have to find 4 other people. No graduation to the next level on unless you do. I cannot say I was ready for that challenge, but I guess I grew fast.

I have a feeling that I am going to fuck this up so badly (I have to swear). It does not look like something I will get comfortable with in two seconds. I have been looking at the thing saying “@CreativeSigneD hasn’t tweeted yet” thinking: wooptidoo. Hurdle number one. Should I go for: “Hey! My first tweet” or maybe “Here we go! I’m officially on Twitter!” – WHY did I think this was a good idea?

It will come to me, I’m sure. Right now I can’t find the space where I’m supposed to write the tweet. Hang in there and be patient… (she said to herself).


3 thoughts on “Tweeeeet

    • I already AM following you (I think). I am guessing it is another one of these things that take time! I’m also really worried about my spontanious self… I already wrote “BOLLOCKS” in response to one post… and you can’t take it back (I panic googled “how to edit posts on twitter”). Will have to tweet only when not grumpy!

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