Documenting Denmark

It seems that quite a few foreigners have made their way to Denmark and started blogging about it. The Danish newspapers are going nuts about it. I still have two weeks to go before the final departure, so I’m running behind public media. According to the Danish news, the British have a particular interest in the Danes at the moment; apparently Jeremy Clarkson has blogged about the Danish bicycle paths, praising them. I imagine that it would only be because it separates the bikes from the cars.


Bike paths are one of the things foreigners go nuts about; have a look at the rush hour traffic it creates! In addition, outsiders are very impressed with our massive amount of windmills, which is fair enough. We are the worlds biggest producers of mills for energy and smack them up everywhere. Last, on the sustainable trail, is the accessibility and supply of organic food (recognised by the red sign).

Apparently these things make us exotic and quaint in the eyes of foreigners. To me it just means we make logic choices. I have to admit that they are some of the things I miss the most from Denmark. Being able to bike everywhere and having a choice of food. I also still question why Australia is so far behind with alternative energy. It is sustainable to use solar power in Denmark. You would think Australia could do better on that account. And it is not as if the wind doesn’t blow here either.

This has got me thinking. Before leaving Australia, I will make a list of things in Denmark that I experience as really different from Australia. The way I remember it. Once I get to Denmark, I will document them, together with all the other things I am sure to discover. I will call this segment ‘Documenting Denmark.’

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