Planning ahead

Mr Husband doesn’t like plans. He lives in the moment and likes to go with what happens. It can be annoying, it can be great. All of a sudden you are in Florence (with no clean knickers). Or sleeping in the car, watching the stars (with no clean knickers) or baking pizza in an octagonal house he helped build 20 years ago. On the top of a mountain. With no clean… yes.

But things are changing. Today, Friday, we have no plans.
He asked this morning: have we got any plans today?
Me: No we don’t. Do you have any plans?
Him: Well, we did all the shopping yesterday. But we need to put petrol on the car!
Me: For what?
Him: There is no petrol on the car
Me: ????
Him: well, I don’t want to do it tomorrow!

Mr Husband is planning ahead. With things as minute as petrol on the car. That is my job! I’m wondering if that means I have to start being the renegade, spontaneous one. That won’t get us very far…



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