Compared to the Danes, the Australians don’t really celebrate Easter.
The only real hint of Easter I see in Australia is the massive  amount of chocolate in the supermarket. As for the rest… not really. No decorations, no Easter food, no special public events. There is no “come together in the local park for an Easter concert” or “see the special Easter exhibition at the art gallery”. There is no meeting up with friends and colleagues for Easter lunches. Today, Thursday, is not even a holiday. And not many people seem to have a clue about the religious background of these days, what actually happened.

Every year I wonder about the same thing: why do I care? I’m not even Christian. Why am I so keen to celebrate an event of a church I don’t belong to? The closest I can get, has to do with culture. It’s a big thing where I’m from, Denmark being protestant by constitution and all.

Easter in Australia is just another day. It flows on as the other days. You get a few days off, but it could be for any reason. Life in Australia is a lot like that and I realise that I miss the markers in time, the special days. “We got together for Easter” or “How was your mid-summers day?” or “Where should we watch the sun dance for pentecost?” (which we do, where I’m from).

So I have begun to mark them myself. I believe that we are the carriers of our own culture, a personal interpretation. I would like to integrate into Australian culture and sincerely try to make an effort, but that does not mean I cannot continue to carry my own culture. The tricky bit in our household is, that Mr Husband isn’t a carrier of the same culture as me, being Italian. And culture, I have discovered, has more meaning when shared with people who know what you are on about.

But we are giving it a go. I have started decorating the house and we are going to have an Easter picnic. This year I even found some branches that would hold the eggs.

What are you doing for Easter?



5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Coming from the same side of the world as you do, I find celebrations like Easter and Christmas in Australia do not register with me because they fall in the WRONG season! Easter is meant to be a celebration of spring, of new leaves on the trees, of birds chirping, of baby rabbits, of days getting longer etc etc. It just doesn’t feel like this in April in Australia, particularly in Canberra.
    Same for Xmas; how can you feel like it’s xmas when it’s 35 degres and you’re lying on the beach? No way!

    • I totally agree about what it is we are celebrating for Easter. It is weird celebrating Easter without new branches, daffodils and baby lambs (we used to go see the little lambs jumping for Easter, I loved that as a child). Thing is – it is not like the celebration is moved to Australian spring. We celebrate harvest in Denmark as well. Don’t see that happening here either. Nothing is really celebrated, apart from consumerism, which is sad.
      I think what I’m saying is that I would like to keep the markers of time, even if it is not possible to do it in the same way. Otherwise I feel as if life just dissapears…

  2. I’m working… but next year I plan to organize an Easter lunch myself.
    If I want the kids to come visit me like I visit my parents for easter, I need to start the tradition while I can still force them to participate ;-).

    • I realise this now – I should have created the Easter lunch myself and forced people to participate 🙂 I think I let things pass because I’m the only person in our household who cares. Mr Husband has different traditions…
      Next year!! This has got to change!

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