Easter bunny massacre

One of the downsides to being socially conscious is that you know too much. Like now. As I sit here wallowing in trying to recreate Easter traditions in my new country, I get this message:

Easter Scandal
Lindt and Ferrero: This Easter, end child slave labour in your chocolate
Children as young as seven are enduring 16-hour days and beatings to produce the cocoa that major companies use to make chocolate. And only days before Easter, these companies are desperately competing with each other to maximise profits.
It’s their most lucrative holiday period — but their profits will come from modern day child slavery. And while every other major chocolate company has already taken steps to ensure their cocoa isn’t harvested by children, Lindt and Ferrero continue to put massive profits ahead of basic child welfare.

– and then there is a petition to sign (here)

FOR FUCKS SAKE (sorry for the swearing). Of all the companies in the world, it just had to be Lindt and Ferrero, the only chocolate I actually eat. There goes my plan to put a Lindt bunny under the branches. I can’t bloody well eat it, now that I know a 7-year-old child toiled in slavery, picking the cocoa beans. It’s like a massive massacre of Easter bunnies. What did these bunnies do to deserve this? What did I do to deserve this? Can’t the world just grow up?


4 thoughts on “Easter bunny massacre

  1. Hi there,
    I am very interested to know where this information has been sourced from and what proof there is to substantiate these claims. My research so far has indicated that Lindt is obove board and honest with thier clams of child free chocolate and I have not been able to find any solid proof to show otherwise.

    • Hi Jacquie,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I understand your concern; it’s important to have the facts, before making the accusations. If you click on the link for the petition, it will take you to the change.org website. Change.org are a very reputable organisation, which are known to have their facts in check. Change.org reference a report from World Vision, which (as far as I know) are pretty reputable in their research as well. There is a link to the World Vision Chocolate Scorecard – http://www.worldvision.com.au/Libraries/DTL_Demand_Ethical_Chocolate/Chocolate_Scorecard.sflb.ashx?cmsid=b77652b1-11ff-4c52-808b-f03d516c3c0d

      Having said this, I haven’t followed it up any further. You may be right – I sincerely hope you are…

      • Thanks for the link. I noticed the definition of Ethical Sourced Cocoa is one that is certified fair trade through an independent third party. I can’t help but wonder though that surely it is also possble for companies like Lindt to be actually sourcing cocoa from their own sources as they claim and still be ensuring the workers are treated fairly. According to them the bulk of their cocoa comes from South America and it has been said that cocoa from there or Asia would be ethically produced. But yes it would be nice to have a third party verify that this!

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