… more travel confusion

The sorting and packing of winter clothes continues. Today I arrived at the winter coat. I still remember how excited I was when I bought mine. Snowboarding had entered into the general consciousness of people, Killerloop was the coolest brand ever and I now rocked the world of winter coats.

While unpacking my coat I could still feel the excitement. Then I realised: that was 16 years ago! 16 YEARS! I’m like one of those old hippies who pull out the headband saying “Woodstock was special man”.

I’m still considering bringing it. 1) because I still like it 2) I will only need this very expensive piece of clothing for a few weeks 3) There is nothing wrong with it 4) consumerism is another warpath I tread.

The only concern I have is the back. I wonder what people will think about the Lawyer/Criminologist arriving with graffiti on her ass…


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