Pavlova – my way

Sunday I went to a barbecue. I brought desert and as it is one of my favourite things to make, I documented the process. It is my version of Pavlova. It’s so easy and I still have not met anyone who didn’t like it. Last child to have it, licked the plate and asked for another.

To make meringue you need 50 grams of sugar per egg white. I used 4 eggs, so 200 grams. You whip the egg whites until they are a solid white fluff and slowly start adding the sugar, a little at a time. You can bake it as one whole cake; I like to make portion sizes. Stick them in an oven at 110C for 1 1/2 hour*.

The other ingredients for this recipe are: frozen raspberries, vanilla sugar and sugar to make a sauce. Cream and dark chocolate to put on top.

I make the sauce by eye – that is cover the bottom of the saucepan with raspberries, a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and a good handful of castor sugar. Then it needs to boil and get mashed to pieces. For the purpose of the barbecue, I put the sauce and chocolate in containers, the meringue in a paper bag and whipped the cream on arrival.

All I then had to do was assemble the lot. I crack a hole in the meringue and put the raspberry sauce inside, whipped cream to cover and chocolate on top. Yum!


*if you see a recipe which says less than 95C don’t trust it. It will not kill the salmonella. To the Australians: I know you think that Australia is salmonella free, because this is what you are told. It doesn’t change the fact that two years ago, 9 elderly people died in a nursing home in Victoria from salmonella. Cook your eggs.


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