Travel confusion

The travel excitement has set in. I’m running around in circles. What could be interpreted as panic, is really just eagerness mixed with a large amount of confusion.  Now that I have the ticket, next thing on the list is to start the packing. So I had a look at the weather:

Right. At least it is reasonably warm in Nuuk, compared to what I expected. But what’s up with -2 in Copenhagen? In April? There is still three weeks to go, before I leave, but it’s probably too much to hope for the temperature to magically increase above 20 before I arrive. So I have gone looking for the winter clothes. That is the items we still cart around, but have only used sporadically for six years. Vacuum packed in the bottom of the closet:

I do not have a great sense of fashion. That is actually an understatement of major proportions. At the best of times, I would call my clothes plain or simple; you could also just call them boring. BUT in this particular case, I think it is going to come in handy. I don’t think any of it has gone out of fashion. After sorting through piles of lost wonders, I found I have plenty to fill a suitcase. The ironing board almost buckled under the pressure. Oddly I also found that I could not tell the difference when I put the rest back in the wardrobe.

I tried most of the clothes on just in case. There is that thing about age and cheese you know. Wearing a sweater again felt really odd. When I tried to drab a scarf around my neck I almost suffocated. To think I have to add jeans, wooly socks and boots to this ensemble is almost unbearable. But I’m guessing that I will jump at it, when it gets cold enough.

That is if I get some washing done. It didn’t smell too good, despite the vacuum pack. Can’t win!


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