Stand for Freedom cont.

Since the morning began with the topic of racism in Australia, I thought I’d give you an update on the Northern Territory and the Stand for Freedom campaign. I have asked you to watch the video here – and sign here.

At the last update, 32.000 people had signed the petition. This number has grown dramatically. On top of this, there has been an outpouring of concerns around the proposed Stronger Futures legislation.

  • Northern Territory Elders have come together and submitted a plea that the proposal be withdrawn (submission 40 to the legislation – here)
  • Elders across the nation have come together in Maningrida to discuss the legislation and are deeply concerned (here)
  • Professor Pat Dodson is concerned that Canberra seems to be ignoring all recommendations (here)
  • CEO of St Vincent de Paul has spoken out against the legislation and called it ‘unconscionable and inherently disempowering’ (here)
  • The latest briefing from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (April 2012) speaks out against the legislation and encourages their members to sign (here)

Remember that the Intervention has been condemned by the United Nations as racially discriminatory and contrary to international human rights principles. It has to stop.


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