Header of the season

HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Of course you have, you are on my blog! What do you think?

My friends are honest people. My friend Tina Beth said it straight: “your blog looks boring and you need to do something about your photos. Here is a program. Can I design a new header for you?”

Hands above my head, running around the living room excited! Yes yes yes yes yes!
It is not a secret that I have no design skills. It took me ages to chose the teacup.

Tina Beth is a star when it comes to computer design stuff. She has suggested that we do a regular change of design. I really like that idea. I am going to call it ‘Header of the season’. I’m sure it breaks all the rules of blog world (I’m beginning to learn about this from other bloggers) recognisability and all. I really like that idea too. So welcome to my new header. Autumn 2012


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