Concerned about racism in Australia? Have your say!

The Australian Human Rights Commission is asking for help. The Race Discrimination Commissioner, Helen Szoke is appealing for assistance in building up an evidence base on what the Australian people think should be done to address racism in Australia.

Word on the grapewine is that one of the reasons why she is doing so is that the AHRC has very limited funding to put the Anti-Racism Strategy into practice. And that this has to do with the Labor government pursuing the racist policies adopted by the Howard government in instituting the Northern Territory Intervention.

If you feel like supporting Szoke and the Human Rights Commission in their efforts to show that a number of people are concerned about racism – and that the strategies to eliminate racism need to be better supported, please go to this website. I will.


2 thoughts on “Concerned about racism in Australia? Have your say!

    • THANK YOU – there is an old saying along the lines of “those who do not react, accept” – I think it is important to voice concerns; especially when encouraged to do so!

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