The record goes to…

When we talk about Indigenous disadvantage in Australia, we know the states we are talking about. At least we think we do. Because we are furthest behind in Queensland aren’t we? In Western Australia a 10-year-old is incarcerated for accepting a stolen Freddo Frog from a friend. And don’t get me started on the Northern Territory. I’ve talked about this already.

But guess what? When it comes to health of Aboriginal people, the state which is the furthest behind is Victoria. This includes child protection and education. An article in The Australian reports the following

More broadly, Aborigines in the southern state also are more likely than non-indigenous Victorians to be trapped in the criminal justice system, be admitted to hospital, suffer chronic illness and are less likely to finish school, attend university and have a job.

But that is the general picture across the nation. The politicians respond by saying that there are “profound, very serious challenges in health and the justice system.” Unfortunately it is not the system they see as challenged, it is the people. To find answers to the poor health and education of Aboriginal people they  look for police interventions to solve re-offending rates and imprisonment.

How about doing something about the intergenerational disadvantage? The ongoing grief and trauma? I’m only asking.



2 thoughts on “The record goes to…

  1. I am not surprised.
    There are almost no imprint of aboriginal people or culture here.
    The one indigenous person we’ve meet, has very little knowledge of her ancestral culture and only sporadic western education because her mom moved her more than 30 times during her years in school to prevent authorities from taking her (she’s a bit light skinned).

    Canada has started a process of truth and reconciliation, I think it is due time that Australia did too.

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