Cactus anyone?

I share an office with 9 other people at uni. I really like our office, the people and the space. It has a good vibe. I’ve moved into my office space, quite extensively (I’ll show you pictures another day). I like my space to be mine and I like there to be a little colour as well.

One of the things I like the most is to have plants inside. Those who know me from my days at Griffith University would know, that I arrive with half a garden nursery. I really enjoy the green colours and the little maintenance the plants need. Unfortunately our little office space at JCU is quite humid, has ants, roaches and a generally unfortunate indoor climate. Someone has tried to live up the space with green branches in water, but they are growing white spores underneath the leaves, which fly around the room. I’m not really sure they are safe to breathe…

We haven’t really agreed if the branches are to move out entirely yet. So far they are being washed on a regular basis. I’ve decided that they are not living on my desk. With the aircon, this is probably futile. One thing’s for sure, I’m not introducing new species.

Except for this one. I found it on someones blog about three months ago. I thought I’d book-marked the page, but I didn’t. I cannot take credit for the idea, but I did redo it from memory. It is my secret little project from the other day and I think I might just be on track with something. Is there room for development? Absolutely! But it is a start.

The basic idea is to make a cactus. It’s real easy, just a couple of tubes:

After filling them with wadding, I stuck them in with toothpicks. Easy peasy

Then I started decorating. Today I did one type of flowers, but I”m thinking butterflies, beetles, different flowers and whatever.

And for now I’m sticking them in with pins

What do you think?

And have you noticed the pictures! New editing program! Freeware! Awesome!


15 thoughts on “Cactus anyone?

  1. this is a GREAT idea! You’ve become champion at crochetting! I love your cactus!

    Perhaps your humid office is a chance to recreate a mini-forest? I’ve tried keeping ferns but it’s always too dry for them, except in the bathroom. So perhaps your office would be just the place; just next to the cactus 🙂

    • Problem is the ‘real’ plants grow fungus… we are breathing the spores.
      Or rather, I pulled myself together and got a little pissy today; I refuse the breathe the spores, it just cannot be healthy for us. So now they are removed. Uuuuuhhh I felt like a traitor 😦

    • I’m not sure the males in the office agree… 😉
      But it does give a little colour to the grey walls – the dividers in our cubicles are polstered with grey carpet… so charming…

      • since we introduced cactus 😉
        But otherwise, the two words do not belong in the same sentence. Unless of course it is the charming biologist from the university of… 😉

  2. Some months ago I began crocheting such a cactus. Managed to make it half way- and then I’d no more. I was tired of crocheting round and round and round…after having made ​​a lot of small balls to another project (which was also not completed). So now I have a green crocheted thing lying, just staring at me…

  3. That’s the sweetest little pot of cactus I ever saw!! You were wise to get rid of the spore producer, if they were mould spores. on the other hand the spores are how some of these plants reproduce, much like mushrooms, the spores are released, float, fall and start growing. You certainly don’t want that happening in your lungs….

    • I didn’t know that! How interesting – hopefully they will start growing outside of the office where we left them! Much better than our lungs, that’s for sure!

    • Ha ha – they look so desperate. I’m not sure I would want them on my desk.
      You are on the spot with the longivity of these – it should survive my trailing off for three months.

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