All eyes on Saturday

A group of activists called Anonymous are going to shut down the internet on Saturday. At least they say they will try. It’s a protest against SOPA and all the other legislative packages that are to limit the internet. It’s not unlikely that they will succeed. Apparently they hacked PayPal, MasterCard and Visa in 2010. And Sony. Plus they were able to freeze Wikileaks. (The Australian wrote about it here.)

I like protests like this one. It’s bold and to the point: “you want to limit my internet, I’ll limit your internet”. The eyes are on the ball. I’m sure the politicians will make up some crap that these are a renegade few, attacking our democracy – I wouldn’t be surprised if they are called terrorists. I don’t think they are. In my opinion, the real deal breakers are the politicians trying to control this universe.

I will clap in my little fat hands if they succeed. All eyes on Saturday!


2 thoughts on “All eyes on Saturday

  1. No internet tomorrow? nononononono, this can’t happen!
    I love my internet.
    I need my internet.
    If only there was a way to shut down the politicians instead.

    • Well! We will just have to see how they go. No one knows when or for how long… or if they succeed. They might just slow the connection.
      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could shut down politicians? I love that thought.
      I know what you mean about needing the internet – it is incredible how addictive it is. Half my life is online….

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