It’s done

I’ve decided. It’s done! No more.
I kept thinking that an extra round of green would be good, had actually planned to start it this evening. Then I saw it lying on the sofa this morning

It’s done. I’m sure now. It’s ready for tea and cookies and ‘the killing’ on SBS 2. I might have to turn the aircon on to warrent sitting with a blanket, but if that is what I have to do, that is what I have to do. At least for one night… just to test it.

It border ended up looking like this

… and the final blanket looks like this. Two months of work. It is definitely worth it.


4 thoughts on “It’s done

  1. It looks fabulous! My mum wanted to teach me to crochet, but I’d growen up promising myself I was never going to be like her, so deliberately mucked up the lessons and gave up. Now of course I wish I’d learned, but with arthritis in both thumbs and carpal tunnel too, I don’t think I’d get very far. I even gave up knitting.

    • Ouch, arthritis in the thumbs – that is nasty.
      Crochet is – in my opinion – 100 times easier than knitting. But I’m not very good at knitting, keep dropping masks and counting wrong. Crochet is one mask at a time. I can handle that 😉

  2. I think it looks fabulous Signe! … And you have actually inspired me to learn to crochet – the one thing my Grandma never taught me. She did try, but I just couldn’t get it.
    I have my wool and hook and have started … Some picks when it’s a little larger 🙂

    • OK – you probably wont believe this, but I (re)learned to crochet from youtube! It is the BEST place for easy to understand tutorials. I sort of knew a little, but hadn’t done it for yonkers of years, so I decided to start from scratch! Through the first tutorials I got a little bored, but I found little things helpful – like how to hold the yarn to get the right tension.
      Personally I really like Bethintx1. I have learned just about everything I know from her. I found her tutorials really easy to follow and she is slow. And repeats things over and over and over. Which does not suit everyone. I liked it because I only had to pause the videos very rarely, which is nice, because it’s a bit annoying to have to let go of what you are doing to catch up with the crochet.
      The first lesson “How to crochet: lesson 1” is here:
      Best beginners advice: use white or very light yarn. That way you can see what you are doing much easier.

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