I swear

I’ve toned down the swearing on the blog quite a bit. It all started because my mom said she didn’t like it.  Mr Husband’s comment to this was agreement. He says that when swearing in writing, I come across as a completely different person than my normal self. Thing is: my normal self swears like a drunken sailor. Two minutes ago I exclaimed the beautiful sentence: “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckityfuckfuck” and kept walking. It just happens.

But apparently my personality shines right through this…

The other night I saw (most of) a program with Stephen Fry who has made a program series on language; in this program: swearing (it runs on SBS). It involved international language experts, Harvard professors included, and made my hair grow long before the end*. But I did pick up a couple of fascinating details. Swearing occurs in all languages. In one tribe in Africa ‘you donkey’s dick’ was common (I like that one). Second, swearing happens from a spontaneous place in the brain. Even if we don’t let it out, it still happens. The third point, which was connected to the second, had to do with what happens to your language when you have a stroke. Quite a few people lose their language when they have a stroke. The first words to come back are the spontaneous ones. For a large percentage this is the swear words. There we were, with Mrs Marble incarnate and her husband who had a stroke 14 years before . For the longest time after the stroke he could only swear at her. I got so many visions.

Royal Doulton: Fuck!
Lovely roses: Piss off!
Cucumber sandwich Dear? Up yours!
Cup of tea? you get my point

And then I realised: I cannot have a stroke. It just can not happen. I will become the fowlest person walking if that happened to me. It is the extra motivation I need to do something about the kilos that just happen when you turn 35. Why are you on a diet Signe? “I can’t risk it. I swear”


*Danish metaphor which means I gave up and went to bed


6 thoughts on “I swear

  1. From your sentence, you obviously swear in English. What about in Danish? If you had a stroke and went back to the spontaneous words, I wonder if it would be swearing in Danish?
    And NO, I do not suggest doing an experiment 🙂

    • I once saw a study on dementia about immigrants and how they lost their second language when they lost their memory – even if they had been living in the new country for yonkers of years. So your hypothesis is probably right…
      I swear a lot in Danish too… probably more than in English. The only one I would definitely keep would be ‘fuck’ – we say that in Danish too.
      I’m not aiming to test this… 😉

  2. I worry about having a stroke too, not often, but I don’t want to be one of those people who sit in a wheelchair and drool all day. I’ve told the kids “just shoot me if that happens”. One cheeky kid said can we just shoot you now and I can have your dvd and books collections…strokes don’t run in my family so probably that’s not an issue.

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